Hi, my name is Michael Booker, and I want to thank you for visiting our site. We have a great football training program, but we train all athletes. We also have personal training, group fitness classes and kids fitness.  I started I.T.Fitness, because I know the importance of fitness and athletic training.


     One important thing you should know about me is I enjoy WINNING! Winning makes me feel good about myself, so I try to win with honor and integrity as much as possible. As a matter-of-fact winning is contagious, so I try to surround myself with winners. I do believe if you give us a chance to help you achieve your athletic or fitness goals we will also be winners. 

      I have lived a life of many ups and downs but my tenacious efforts to ACHIEVE MY CHAMPION has kept me successful in life and also in the
fitness industry. I have had the opportunity to play for amazing coaches and I have been trained by the best strength and conditioning coaches in the

world. I am excited to have the opportunity to share this knowledge with you.  

     I became a Certified Fitness Trainer because I love helping people. I have a great group of fitness and athletic trainers that are ready to help you ACHIEVE YOUR CHAMPION!




Michael Booker

First Round Draft pick 11th over all.

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